Wine Bottle Canisters

Our Unwined Canisters are handmade with the same quality as our candles, we just cut the wine bottles a little different.

We have stringently tested for freshness over the last year and have found coffee, tea and sugar to preserve perfectly with our sustainable cork lids.

As you can imagine our friends and family have found hundreds of ways to utilise Unwined Canisters we are excited at the possibilities for many more.

Tea | Coffee | Pods | Bliss Balls | Chocolates | Protein | Sugar | Toothpaste & Tooth Brush | Marbles | Lollies | Fruit | Cookies | Jewellery | Pens | Cereal

You will love them for their toughness, durability and style. Surprisingly these guys are popular with local architects and we see them pop up in kitchen and bathroom designs often.

Wine Bottle Canisters