Candle Snuffer

Candle Snuffer


Keepin’ it Classy.

THE FACTS: If wick dippers are the newest candle tool to hit the shelves, then candle snuffers are the OG. Snuffers have been used for centuries for extinguishing candle flames. The cone shaped top keeps air away from the flame which causes it to extinguish and is designed to “dangle” so that you can extinguish the candle at any angle.

HOW TO USE: We know it might be tempting to use your cork but never use the lid or water to extinguish your candle. Snuffers will safely extinguish your candles and removes the risk of blowing or spilling wax onto yourself or your furniture.

Always extinguish your candle when there is 10mm left at the bottom of the jar. That’s when you know it’s time to buy a new Unwined candle. Hint, hint.